Queering the Collection

This week we introduce you to two lovely colleagues of mine at the V&A Museum. They’re the co-chairs of the LGBTQ Working Group, which has been running for almost a decade at the musuem.

Dawn Hoskin and Zorian Clayton will tell us about how the museum is queering their collection and finding hidden stories. Regularly, on the last Saturday of the month, the museum hosts a one hour tour which explores gender and sexual identities through a selection of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer related objects in the museum’s rich collections. Just year into the project, more than a thousand people have already attended the popular tour.

Our guests also tell us about other events at the museum which have been critical in helping to reshape the cultural landscape of museums, galleries and archives. This includes special one off events like Friday Late Queer and Now to the annual LGBT History Month talks.

Here’s a nice link to more info about LGBTQ activities at the museum Why the V&A Gay and Lesbian Tour is Essential (even if it is a little self promoting because it was written  by moi). I confess I’m quite fond of Dawn and Zorian because they were so supportive when I floated the idea of regular LGBTQ tours at the museum and have been instrumental in helping to push up the number of volunteers taking people on the tour to more than a dozen. Meanwhile, the pic below gives you a little idea of how insane the turn out for the tours are… Ohmygays, that’s a lot of people!

IMG_5492 (2)


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